This blog is packed full of delicious vegan recipes to inspire your vegan cooking at home whether you are vegan, vegetarian or just looking to cut back on animal products. The recipes are simple to follow and have easy to source ingredients. You will find speedy weeknight dinners, weekend brunch inspiration and delicious sweet treats.

When did your vegan cooking adventure start?
Three years ago, the boyfriend decided to take the leap into veganism and ever since my cooking and baking has been flipped on its head. I am loving the challenges that cooking vegan food throws at you and through experimentation so many of my favourites are now back on the menu (satay skewers, pancakes and the humble fry up to name a few).



What type of food do you love to cook?
Simple –Β I don’t believe in needing five hundred different types of flour for one recipe or strange, difficult to pronounce ingredients – most of the ingredients used here will be found in your average supermarkets. Because vegan food should be accessible.
Delicious –Β I used to think that vegan food was bland; soggy quinoa, lettuce leaves and tasteless tofu. However, I have since found the complete opposite. Our herb and spice collection has tripled in size since cooking vegan. Learning how to turn that plain tofu into a delicious teriyaki stir fry topping took a little practice but now we hardly miss meat in our meals.
Healthy (with the occasional treat) – I love how healthy plant-based dishes are without even trying. It is really not tricky to get your 5-a-day in with vegan cooking. But sometimes we also need a touch of indulgence in our lives – and that is why the occasional sweet treat and chocolate pudding might also just pop up.

I hope you enjoy the recipes on this blog as much as we loved creating them for you. Drop by and leave us a message and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

Avocado basil spaghetti

Much vegan love,

What’s Bean Cooking? xxx

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