Our Top Five Recipes of 2017 – Veganuary 2018 Inspiration!

2017 was the first year of What’s Bean Cooking? and we have been overjoyed with the success so far. Here are our top five vegan recipes of the year – which was your favourite?
Perhaps you are considering taking part in Veganuary in the New Year and you are after some vegan inspiration? Look no further…

 1.Vegan Raspberry and Lemon Macarons
Lemon and raspberry vegan macaronsI was lucky to get this photo of the macarons as they were swiftly demolished and were absolutely delicious. Aquafaba makes for the most fantastic macarons and lemon and raspberry is a winning combination.
Unsure what aquafaba is? Check out the post and your vegan baking will be revolutionised!


2. Vegan Fry Up with Homemade Baked Beans
Vegan Fry Up
Bye bye eggs and bacon. Hello smashed avocado on toasted ciabatta with smoked tofu, hash browns, mushrooms and tomatoes. With the star of the show being delicious homemade baked beans.
Read the post to discover how a store cupboard fail (no baked beans) turned into speed challenge to turn some haricot beans into tasty baked beans.
The result? We are never buying baked beans again – the homemade version was just too delicious!


3. Vegan Caramel Shortbread
Vegan Caramel Shortbread
Crumbly shortbread topped with sweet caramel and creamy chocolate – a divine trio of sweetness in a bar. Vegans should not be missing out on such a delectable treat and so we set to work to create a caramel without using condensed milk.
Find out how we made our caramel in the post and then try it out for yourselves.


4. Vegan Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce
Stack of vegan blueberry pancakes
So if on Saturday you have a delicious vegan fry-up, leave Sunday brunch free for these incredible blueberry pancakes. Find out how I used my rudimentary chemistry skills to create light, fluffy, bubbly pancakes without using eggs in the post. And if you haven’t had blueberries on your pancake stack before be prepared for your brunch game to be revolutionised!

5. TST – the vegan BLT!
Vegan BLT smoked tofu spinach tomato ciabatta
To finish, here is some vegan sandwich inspiration. Can you tell we are a little bit addicted to smoked tofu? It is incredible stuff perfect in stir frys, fry ups and sandwiches. Check out the post and then give it a try and add a new favourite to your vegan sandwiches list!


I hope our top five list has inspired you with some vegan delights to try in 2018. Let us know what your favourite vegan recipes have been this year below in the comments.

2017 Favorites
Our Top Five.png

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